Pink grapefruit lip balm recipe ~ (photo credit and recipe)
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Cherry blossom by m_lexi
credit: 大今良時 Ooima Yoshitoki | 聲の形 The Shape of a Voice

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Anonymous: hello, first of all your blog is amazing! i was wondering for your posts that you get off flickr, how you get the photographer's consent? do you just send them a msg? also are there any photographers who do not mind as long as you give them credit? thankyou (:

yes there are photographers who do not mind as long as you give them credit, and i normally try to take photos from them, you can figure out if the photographer allows sharing or not by clicking the ‘share this with’ button and checking to see if social media (ex. tumblr) are shown in color. if the buttons are faded out it means that the photographer has blocked sharing, and in that case you could try messaging them (altho tbh i don’t actually know how to message them over flickr) ^^

it's (finally) summer vacation !!

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